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2008-02-10 - Vienna, Austria
Arena (Small Hall)

01.) The Sunset Will Never Charm Us
02.) Furtive Monologue
03.) Warm Blooded
04.) Retina
05.) A Fractured Hand
06.) Bulletproof Scales
07.) In The Arms Of Perdition
Length: 45 min
Quality: 29/36
Source: AUD - MASTER
1 DVD: 2.48 GB
Video Resolution: 720x480
Video Format: NTSC
Video Aspect: 4:3
Bitrate: 8.00 mb/s
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0


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Beneath the Massacre
Man Must Die

I taped about 9 minutes of before the show footage as well

Videocamera: Panasonic NVGS 180
Microphone: Rode Stereo Video Mic

Capturing: Ulead Video Studio 8
Authoring: Sony DVD Architect 4.0

Filmed and authored by Antihero