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2011-06-17 - Athens, Greece
Terra Vibe Park

01.) Ocean Planet
02.) Backbone
03.) Remembrance
04.) Love
05.) A Sight To Behold
06.) Flying Whales
07.) The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe
08.) Toxic Garbage Island
09.) Vacuity
Length: 49 min
Quality: 31/36
Source: AUD - MASTER
1 DVD: 6.21 GB
Video Resolution: 1920x1080
Video Format: HDTV
Video Aspect: 16:9
Bitrate: 18.00 mb/s
Audio: LCPM 2.0

Sonisphere Festival

Saturn Stage

Rotting Christ
Total Riot

Terra Vibe park is situated approximately 50 kilometers outside
of Athens in an area of a small town called Malakasa

Moonspell played at the other set at the same time when Gojira went on stage,
which sucked because you could hear the sound of the other stage which was
not far away. At one point Joe asked the audience "Do you like Moonspell?
Do you like Gojira? Fantastic, because you can have both at the same time!"
It was funny but you could tell that the band was a little pissed because of
this. Before they started to play their last song, Vacuity, you could here
Mastodon entering the other stage which is a shame as it was loud again and
a lot of people were about to leave to see the beginning of Mastodon. Joe told
the audience that Mastodon are friends of them and before the jump to the other
stage they should stay to hear the last song of them.

Panasonic SD-66 Camcorder
Soundman OKM II POP Microphones (recorded with Iriver H-120)

Blueray trades only, I wont convert this show into DVD format

Filmed and authored by Antihero