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Sisters Of Mercy [28 Items]
Live Shows
1983-04-01 Glasgow, Scotland51 min  15/36AUD DVD (VHS) Info
1983-04-23 Peterborough, England33 min  12/36AUD DVD (VHS) Info
1983-06-29 London, England34 min  24/36AUD DVD (VHS) Info
1984-09-22 York, England11 min  27/36AUD DVD (VHS) Info
1985-06-18 London, England59 min  22/36AUD DVD (VHS) Info
1990-11-26 London, England93 min  20/36AUD DVD (VHS) Info
1991-05-03 Vienna, Austria128 min  10/36AUD DVD2 Info
1991-05-06 Munich, Germany87 min  12/36AUD DVD (VHS) Info
1991-05-14 Essen, Germany88 min  11/36AUD DVD (VHS) Info
1991-05-16 Gent, Belgium99 min  16/36AUD DVD (VHS) Info
1991-07-30 Miami, FL, USA84 min  23/36AUD DVD2 Info
1991-08-25 Reading, England89 min  20/36AUD DVD (VHS) Info
1993-07-10 Leysin, Switzerland73 min  17/36AUD DVD (VHS) Info
1993-07-31 London, England61 min  15/36AUD DVD (VHS) Info
1993-12-02 Vienna, Austria86 min  15/36AUD DVD2 Info
1993-12-14 Hamburg, Germany83 min  20/36AUD DVD1 Info
1997-06-10 London, England90 min  22/36AUD DVD (VHS) Info
1997-07-09 London, England84 min  9/36AUD DVD (VHS) Info
1997-07-10 London, England88 min  13/36AUD DVD (VHS) Info
1998-02-03 Chicago, IL, USA94 min  9/36AUD DVD3 Info
1998-08-08 Neerpelt, Belgium102 min  5/36AUD DVD3 Info
2000-08-12 Hildesheim, Germany70 min  11/36AUD DVD1 Info
2006-04-14 Paris, France35 min  17/36AUD DVDM Info
2006-05-02 London, England81 min  26/36AUD DVDM Info
2006-05-07 Nottingham, England83 min  24/36AUD DVDM Info
2006-06-13 Belgrade, Serbia81 min  25/36AUD DVDM Info
2006-06-16 Nickelsdorf, Austria82 min  24/36AUD MASTER Info
2009-03-03 Vienna, Austria73 min  18/36AUD MOV Info