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Queens of the Stone Age [78 Items]
Live Shows
1998-08-23 Cologne, Germany40 min  33/36PRO DVD (VHS) Info
1998-08-24 Hamburg, Germany54 min  32/36PRO DVD (VHS) Info
1998-10-12 Vancouver, Canada61 min  22/36AUD DVD (VHS) Info
1998-10-26 Ashbury Park, NJ, USA54 min  20/36AUD DVD (VHS) Info
1998-11-14 Wolverhampton, England73 min  22/36AUD DVD2 Info
1999-02-02 Detroit, MI, USA2 cams67 min  27/36AUD DVD1 Info
1999-02-08 Winnipeg, CanadaSource 163 min  23/36AUD DVD1 Info
1999-02-08 Winnipeg, CanadaSource 264 min  26/36AUD DVD2 Info
1999-03-28 New Orleans, LA, USA62 min  24/36AUD DVD1 Info
1999-08-28 Detroit, MI, USA84 min  23/36AUD DVD1 Info
2000-04-12 Duesseldorf, Germany53 min  32/36PRO DVD1 Info
2000-05-10 Santa Cruz, CA, USA72 min  21/36AUD DVD1 Info
2000-05-25 Los Angeles, CA, USA2 cams58 min  31/36AUD DVDM Info
2000-07-11 Roseville, MI, USA62 min  28/36AUD DVD (VHS) Info
2000-07-23 Fords, NJ, USA65 min  23/36AUD DVD1 Info
2000-08-05 Kalamazoo, MI, USA68 min  27/36AUD DVD2 Info
2000-11-04 Louisville, KY, USA60 min  27/36AUD DVDM Info
2001-01-14 Buenos Aires, Argentinia71 min  27/36AUD DVDM Info
2001-01-19 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil55 min  33/36PRO DVD (VHS) Info
2001-06-01 Nuerburgring, Germany44 min  33/36PRO DVD1 Info
2001-08-18 Weeze, Germany48 min  33/36PRO DVD (VHS) Info
2001-08-18 Weeze, Germany29 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2002-05-29 Philadelphia, PA, USA86 min  26/36AUD DVDM Info
2002-05-30 New York, NY, USA2 cams80 min  30/36AUD DVD1 Info
2002-09-21 Columbus, OH, USA2 cams93 min  29/36AUD DVDM Info
2003-00-00 Compilation 1115 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2003-03-15 Athens, GA, USA70 min  26/36AUD DVDM Info
2003-04-26 Indio, CA, USA59 min  21/36AUD DVD1 Info
2003-05-20 New York, NY, USA48 min  21/36AUD DVDM Info
2003-06-03 Ljubljana, Slovenia71 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2003-06-08 Nuerburgring, Germany60 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2003-06-13 Hultsfred, Sweden40 min  33/36PRO DVD2 Info
2003-06-27 St. Gallen, Switzerland60 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2005-00-00 Festival Summer Compilation80 min  34/36PRO DVDM Info
2005-02-16 Amsterdam, Netherlands60 min  12/36AUD DVD (VCD) Info
2005-03-21 New York, NY, USA21 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2005-03-25 New York, NY, USA4 min  34/36PRO DVDM Info
2005-03-29 Muchmusic45 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2005-04-04 Detroit, MI, USA95 min  26/36AUD DVDM Info
2005-06-10 Berlin, Germany42 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2005-07-01 Belfort, France60 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2005-07-02 Montreux, France85 min  32/36PRO DVDM Info
2005-07-24 Byron Bay, Australia54 min  33/36PRO DVDM Info
2005-08-21 Biddinghuizen, Netherlands64 min  33/36PRO DVD (?) Info
2005-08-29 Reading, England8 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2005-09-01 Wiesen, Austria80 min  27/36AUD MASTER Info RT
2005-09-25 Portland, OR, USA63 min  23/36AUD DVDM Info
2005-09-30 Los Angeles, CA, USA6 min  33/36PRO DVDM Info
2005-11-28 Burbank, CA, USA4 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2006-06-15 Nickelsdorf, Austria72 min  19/36AUD MASTER Info
2007-05-08 Paris, France60 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2007-05-11 Oxford, England10 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2007-05-12 VH1 Rock Honors3 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2007-06-19 Vienna, Austria97 min  28/36AUD MASTER Info RT
2007-06-26 Arendal, Norway60 min  34/36PRO DVDM Info
2007-06-29 Werchter, Belgium53 min  34/36PRO DVDM Info
2007-06-30 Belfort, France73 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2007-07-03 Amsterdam, Netherlands33 min  34/36PRO DVDM Info
2007-08-11 Oklahoma, OK, USA17 min  27/36PRO DVDM Info
2007-10-10 New York, NY, USA4 min  36/36PRO HD (TS) Info
2007-12-06 London, England44 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2007-12-09 Palm Desert, CA, USA77 min  25/36AUD DVDM Info
2007-12-18 Seattle, WA, USA81 min  27/36AUD DVD (VHS) Info
2008-02-29 Paris, France80 min  28/36AUD DVDM Info
2008-03-20 Wellington, New Zealand55 min  25/36AUD DVDM Info
2008-05-11 Ottawa, Canada85 min  21/36AUD DVDM Info
2008-06-01 Landgraaf, Netherlands63 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2008-06-07 Nuerburgring, Germany15 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2008-08-22 Reading, EnglandSource 128 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2008-08-22 Reading, EnglandSource 242 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2010-08-20 Luedinghausen, Germany61 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2010-08-22 Biddinghuizen, Netherlands56 min  33/36PRO DVD (Webstream) Info
2010-08-27 Reading, England40 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2010-10-09 Santiago, Chile73 min  21/36AUD DVDM Info
2010-10-11 Sao Paulo, Brazil65 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info
2010-10-16 Montevideo, Uruguay73 min  22/36AUD DVDM Info
2011-04-14 Burbank, CA, USA5 min  36/36PRO HD (MPG) Info
2011-06-26 Pilton, England47 min  35/36PRO DVDM Info